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With all the different options that we offer it is not easy to come up with a simple answer. What you pay will depend upon what you choose to do. The prices below will give you some indication of what a visit to Benmore might cost you.

Benmore - Main House

The cost of your visit will vary according to your exact requirements but the basic cost for a four-day residential course at the Centre, with all food and activities, is around £60 - £76 per day (£70 - £88 two-day week-end). Staying at the Centre with all food and use of facilities, but with no activities using Benmore staff, will cost around £45 - £50 per day. A mix of these two options will obviously be somewhere in the middle of this range. Groups that can guarantee to fill a large number of places (65+) may be able to negotiate a discount, as will groups booking at quieter times of the year (November to March). Please contact the Centre and tell us what you want and we will be able to tell you what it will cost.

Bernice Farmhouse

For groups that are self-catering and running their own activities the basic charge is around £17 per person, per night with a discount for schoolchildren. There is a minimum charge for the use of the house of £130.00 per night for a group and a generator cost of £3.75 per hour used. The total cost will depend on what you want, with the most expensive option being a fully serviced course with food and activities supplied by Benmore. Please call to discuss your requirements.


Bernice Cottage

The cottage can be let with the farmhouse or as a separate unit. The basic charges are the same as those for the farmhouse and the minimum charge is £65 per night for a group. Similar discounts are available here as well.


NB.  Instructional courses for schools and registered charities are normally VAT exempt. Please enquire for confirmation.