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Benmore has a modern climbing wall in a dedicated building; this is used by groups at the Centre but is also open to outside users.

Use of The Wall by groups resident at the Centre is covered by the normal Centre operating procedures, the risk is accepted by the Centre and third party liability is covered by The City of Edinburgh Council.

Outside Users

Supervised Group Bookings

Bookings with a Centre instructor present are treated as normal Centre sessions and covered in the usual way. Charges for these sessions will be the same as for quarry climbing sessions. (link to activity costs pdf)

Unsupervised Group Bookings

Hire of the facility without instruction or supervision is only available to bona-fide groups who are registered with the Centre. This advance registration ensures that these groups undertake to provide their own qualified staff, accept the risks and have their own insurance cover. Leaders will have an induction at the wall.

The charge for hire of the wall is £55 for a 2½ hour session. Personal equipment hire is extra.

Harness £2. Helmet £2. Rock boots £4. Belay plate £2.


Private use by individuals presents a number of problems and unsupervised use cannot be allowed. Individuals may use the wall as part of an organised course (see above) or attend a programmed practice session if they are ‘approved users’.

Introductory Courses

We will run occasional introductory courses for individuals who wish to use the wall. Completion of this course will lead to approved user* status which will allow access to practice evenings.

Practice Sessions

Members of the public who are approved users* can attend practice sessions. Initially we will offer evening sessions on Thursday evenings. A member of Benmore staff will be available to unlock, collect fees and issue hire equipment. No instruction will be provided. Individuals must arrange their own climbing partners.

Cost will be £5 per session between 19.00 and 22.30.

Hire charges:

Harness £2. Helmet £2. Rock boots £4. Belay plate £2.

* Approved users will be able to demonstrate that they can fit a harness correctly, tie on to the rope, belay correctly and understand and accept the risks. In particular, they understand the additional risks when leading and provide their own ropes for that purpose. The approval must be carried out in advance by an appropriate member of Benmore Staff (min. SPA).

Approved users may sign in one guest for whom they take full responsibility. The guest will complete a form to verify that they can fit a harness correctly, tie on to the rope, belay correctly and understand and accept the risks. They cannot gain approval in their own right until this is checked by an appropriate member of Benmore staff. Approval can be gained in several ways:

  • Individuals who hold SPA or higher award will be issued with a card on completion of a registration form.
  • Satisfactory completion of an introductory course will lead to approval and the issue of a card.
  • Individuals who are experienced climbers and do not fit the above should contact the centre to arrange for an induction. There will be an additional charge if this cannot be fitted into normal sessions.

Further details contact  01369 706337.

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