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To make a booking, either for the main Centre or for our self-catering facilities at Bernice, please contact Graeme or Isabel at Benmore Centre. Please telephone them on 01369 706337 or e-mail

Isabel, our Office Administrator, aims to offer the best service before, during and after your visit.

Please make sure to provide an accurate means of responding to your enquiry and give us an indication of the dates you are interested in and for what kind of service and what type of group you are.

If you want to discuss any aspect of a proposed course or have any questions please do contact us.


Availability as at 4th December 2015

January 2016    

                                                 Weekends 15th - 17th, 22nd - 24th, 29th - 31st

February 2016

                                         All Weekends

March 2016

                                         Weekends 4th - 6th, 25th - 27th


April 2016

                                            Weekends 1st - 3rd, 8th - 10th, 15th - 17th, 29th - 1st May

May 2016

                                                        Weekends 6th - 8th, 13th - 15th, 27th - 29th


 June 2016

                                 All Weekends

July 2016

   All Weekends (not 29th - 31st)


August 2016

                                                    All Weekends





Typical weekend usually commences from 7.30pm on the Friday and finishes after High tea 5pm on the Sunday.



To give you some idea of the cost, these are guide prices for fully catered and staffed courses. During the winter months, a typical Monday to Friday course at current (2015-17) prices will cost about £238 . A similar course during the summer months will cost about £305. Autumn months will cost £245 rising to £283 in the spring. A Friday to Sunday course will cost £139 in the winter and £177 in the summer. A similar course during the autumn months will cost £148 per person, £152 in the Spring. If Benmore organises the transport for your group from the Lothian area, the current (2015-16) charge is £950 per coach (53 seat).

For final prices and any special discount, please contact Graeme or Isabel by 'phone or email.

For self-catering and self-staffed courses at Bernice the current (2015-16) prices per bed-night are £15.00 for children and £17.00 for adults with a minimum charge of £130 per night for the Farmhouse and a minimum charge of £65 per night for the Cottage. Linen and generator costs are extra.